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Embodied Life Retreats

Presented by The Movement Movement in collaboration with Emily Arden Design featuring Leah Williams and Kelly King

Embodied Life Retreats are for mid-career female identifying professionals seeking embodied life skills in order to:
-Manage career shifts

-Embrace complex family dynamics

-Navigate personal health and wellness

One week, three retreat options. The sole priority? You.

1. A Walk With Joy: Thursday - Sunday, Nov 2nd-5th
A Walk With Joy. Take time for yourself, in community, with customized sessions tailored to your emergent vision and goals. Save $300 with discount code EARLYJOY before October 1st! Only 7 spots available, accommodations and some meals included.

2. Launchpad: Monday, November 6th | 8:30am-4:30pm
Bring an idea, project, or area of growth you are intentionally shifting. Gain insight, feedback, and support in community. Save $250 with discount code EARLYLAUNCH before October 1st!
Breakfast and snacks provided; lunch on-site or in the neighborhood.

3. Election Day! Release + Ignite Ritual: Tuesday, November 7th | 1-4:30pm
Go vote, then come dive into what you are releasing and what you are choosing to ignite this season! Save $250 with discount code EARLYVOTE before October 1st!

All retreats will be held in a private sanctuary in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, D.C. 

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PILOT: Art·Space·House (ASH)
Artist Retreat 2022 (France!)
October 15-22, 2022

Six Artists. One French Farmhouse. Unlimited Potential.

A week-long, international gathering for mid-career artists and cultural workers seeking rest, rejuvenation, community, and inspiration. A group of six like-minded artists will convene with no set expectations or requirements! 

ASH is a test ground to nurture ourselves, each other, and our work, without any actionable metrics tied to the process. The process itself is life-affirming and nurturing. We practice what we wish to see in the world including; collaboration, connectivity, sustainability, healing, justice, joy, wholeness, and belonging. 


EAD Prioritizes 

  • Supporting artists of color, female-identifying, LGBTQ+, and those creating work that support and care for community 

  • Mid-career/established artists with a personal and/or independent practice

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Kindness, compassion, empathy, connectedness


  • Create funded rest + relaxation opportunity for artists

  • Develop practices that nurture the individual, group, the earth, and contribute to the kinder, more interconnected world we wish to see and contribute to

  • Develop a web of artists that continue to collaborate and support the evolution of connection-based work

  • Create beauty, healing, connection that acts as a catalyst for more beauty, healing, connection

  • Build towards a permanent space that inhabits these practices and expands upon them - continually questioning, growing, changing, adapting

Wall of Wow!

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