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Today’s #DesignatHome tip, #quarantine edition: REMOVE!

This tip requires no new purchases, no pro styling know-how, and no stress!

When not staring at our screens, we’re all spending WAY more time staring at our spaces these days, whether we like it or not. And even a space filled with the things we love can begin to feel chaotic.

So my challenge to you is this... pick one view you look at often, and find a corner or grouping of things to take away. Even if only for awhile. [Double points for cleaning up the dust bunnies hiding underneath your beloved things!]. Then step back and... see how you feel. Lighter? Calmer?

I’m a huge fan of displaying color + collections. And I’m still here for that - looking at the things you love is so important, especially right now!

But take a look at my before + after below, and see if you can spot the subtle change that brought me a little bit of calm.

This is no total antidote to the quarantine blues of course, but perhaps this gentle exercise will allow space for your mind to clear. This is also an opportunity to switch things up, which can lead to bigger perspective shifts!

Final note: Don’t have the ‘perfect’ space? Don’t despair. If you only knew how small my space was! This tip can be applied to any area, and should be free from judgement about what it’s lacking. The point is to appreciate what you’ve got, and in this case, also appreciate what’s not there.

Did you try it? I'd love for you to tag me [ @ emilyardendesign ] so I can see the results!

If doing this on your own just isn't your thing, no stress, I've got you! I've set up free one hour sessions to support folks during this time. Let me help you create a space you feel fabulous about being stuck in.

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