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Spreading JoY, not germs, The Party Line is your weekly feel-good live DJ set.

Here's a drink recipe to bring to the Party. (Or for any other day of the week - because really what day IS IT anyways?)

Need some good tunes and can't wait until Thursday to join us? You can catch the previous week's Party Line set plus many more goodies! over on DJ Stylus' Mixcloud.


MezCali Love [at a d i s t a n c e]

  • Salt the rim using a grapefruit wedge + course sea salt + something with heat

  • Add ice to glass

  • Add 2oz Mezcal

  • Add 1oz fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

  • Add 6oz grapefruit soda

  • Stir + ENJOY


  • Add any other spirit to glass

  • Add any other mixer (optional)

  • Drink + ENJOY

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