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I killed a lizard (gecko?)

Accidentally of course. But there it is. My guilty Saturday morning truth. I’ve been in the Dominican Republic less than a week and already I’m responsible for the death of a native creature.

They were little. Very little. And cute. I wasn’t afraid, I just thought it best if they were returned to the outside. And if I’m being very honest, the idea of waking up to the little thing somewhere in my bed did freak me out. Just a bit. Enough to decide it was worth a try removing them from the inside.

The first time I tried the catch + release method (you know, the way you catch a bug / glass placed over top / cardboard placed underneath / scooted into place / maneuvered just right so they don’t wiggle through any openings) I failed. They were too fast and my American hands were too clumsy. They scurried under a couch and, well, I didn’t think much of it.

But then there they were again the next night. So again I tried. And this time, success! Or so I thought.

The glass was ready, but I fumbled with the only cardboard I could find - the backing attached to my pad of paper. Finally, after several tries, I carried the whole contraption precariously to the screen door and set them gently on the patio floor. They wriggled their tail a bit - reorienting themself to the outside world. Or so I thought. I went to bed, I didn't think much more of it.

Until this morning when I carried out my newfound ritual: brew coffee in the broken pot / pour cautiously / add a bit of vanilla soy milk (I drink oat at home in the States, but have settled into the taste of this alternative, even though I never would there, because I'm grateful for a tiny connection to the familiar, and frankly didn't think I'd have any chance to escape actual milk while here, and the idea of black coffee? I can't even) / proceed to enjoy said coffee in the most amazing chair, (and truly, the reason I booked this place).

And there they were. In the exact spot I left them last night. My heart sank.

At work we have a lot of windows, and a lot of birds. It’s not an uncommon thing to have to radio security to call our living collections manager and discuss what to do about a bird in a public space. I remember having a conversation with a colleague once about methods to reduce the number of birds that fly into said windows, and I brought up seeing a bird (well actually hearing it first) run into our office window. It seemed a little stunned / rested on the ledge for a moment / and then flew off. Yay! His reply? Usually they go off and die somewhere else.

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