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I love 'discovering' what's going on, and sharing that with the people in my life. Like I get really fired up about shows my fave folks are performing/participating in.

Sometimes it's probably annoying and overwhelming for the folks who receive that list, when it's unsolicited. But mostly I think my people appreciate it. So now that we're in this new decade, and assessing all the ways to become more authentic, I'm going all in and upping my game - broadening my audience to share these gems with... YOU.

It'll start as posts, here. My to-check-out list (coming out the 1st + 15th of the month). If that goes well and seems like a good idea to enough of you, perhaps it'll become an email.

Mostly it will be focused on the Bay Area, (CA), with an arts + culture bent - specifically highlighting local gems. But sometimes I'll throw in an out-of-town goodie. Or a beach. Because. That's how I roll.

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