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Welcome to Emily Arden Design

What I Do

My training as a dancer informs the way I move through the world, and my 10+ years of experience in event production directs my approach to each creative project. With intention and curiosity, an open mind and open arms, I begin with the question, “How are we going to make this happen?” At this point I am of two disciplined minds—that of an artist and that of a producer—and I work with individuals and organizations to zoom out and see the “big picture” while also diving into the details, creating scalable, seamless productions that include public programs, performances, festivals, and more. 


Within the performing arts community, we build trust relative to our bodies in space. As a result, the environments I curate are spaces that foster opportunity for connection. My ability to anticipate the magic that happens—the fuse that ignites—when people participate in a shared experience is a characteristic that distinguishes Emily Arden Design from other art production companies. 

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